Amazon Wants To Pay The New York Times And Buzzfeed To Expand So It Can Reach More Shoppers Outside The U.S.

by MR Magazine Staff

Amazon has a pitch for some U.S.-based publishers: Expand overseas. We’ll make it worth your while. The world’s dominant e-commerce player is in talks with big American publishers, including the New York Times and BuzzFeed, about deals that would reward them for expanding their international presence, specifically in consumer-oriented shopping sites. Amazon already pays internet publishers that refer shoppers to the company via “affiliate links” embedded on their site, but it thinks that business could grow significantly if US publishers had more readers outside of America. Right now, publishers are paid when a shopper clicks on a link on their site, heads to Amazon, and eventually buys something. But sources say Amazon has been proposing various deals that would give publishers money up front in order to expand their international sites or open up new markets. Read more at Vox.