American Eagle Is Luring Teens With Fancy Drinks

by MR Magazine Staff

Teen brands are struggling. This is the refrain we’ve been hearing for years. In 2014, Delia’s filed for bankruptcy, followed by Wet Seal in 2015, and Aéropostale in 2016; Wet Seal filed for bankruptcy again last week. For the last two years, Abercrombie & Fitch has tried to stave off that same fate through a series of rebranding exercises. There is one teen retailer, however, that is actually managing to turn itself around: American Eagle. The brand has once again found its footing thanks to an old mainstay — denim — and also through Aerie, the lingerie concept it launched in 2006. Unlike its peers, American Eagle has shown a willingness to experiment with sub-brands like Aerie and the vintage-inspired Tailgate, which is aimed at college students. It’s also made headway with retail experiences, like the long-running Don’t Ask Why pop-up shop in New York City that made a play for the Brandy Melville shopper. It’s been rewarded, in kind, with positive sales growth in a difficult retail environment. American Eagle’s newest brand extension isn’t about clothes at all, though. It’s about drinks. And fancy ones at that, like maple water, sparkling matcha tea, and fair trade kombucha. Read more at Racked.