How ‘American Psycho’ Taught Millions Of Men How To Dress

by MR Magazine Staff

It would be easy to brand Patrick Bateman, the titular protagonist in Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel “American Psycho,” as a less-than-admirable guy. The coke-sniffing Wall Street banker is narcissistic, misogynistic and — yes — sadistically murderous. And yet for the image-conscious, Bateman — played by Christian Bale in the 2000 film and, starting this week, by Benjamin Walker in a new Broadway musical of the same name — has become a kind of icon. And not just on Halloween. Google it. The Internet is awash in prescriptive guides: “How To Dress Like American Psycho,” proposed Complex in 2010; “Beauty Secrets From 5 Real-Life Patrick Batemans,” offered New York magazine’s The Cut in 2014. Men’s shopping giant Mr. Porter has even teamed up with “American Psycho: The Musical” to outfit Walker and other male cast members in pieces that will also be available for purchase online. See more at New York Post.