by Stephen Garner

AMI presented its spring/summer 2022 collection for men and for women in a fully digital format, filmed on a closed set in the respect of strict COVID-19 safety measures.

This season’s collection is dubbed “L’Échappée Belle” – a French expression meaning “the great escape.” In a short feature film directed by Spanish filmmaker Alvaro Colom, the collection is introduced in a spontaneous jaunt of a close-knitted group of friends. The title is an allegorical reference to newfound freedom, to the outdoors, to better times ahead. It is a celebration of the joy of being together, much of which we have sorely missed in the past year.

The main characters: a group of friends, carefree, leaving the city for an escape in a more poetic, almost apocalyptic environment – a nod to our realities in 2020. They enjoy being together again, at long last. The friends take possession of the funfair, wandering around in a space only for them, a night of exploration of what the future will be, a night of liberty and discovery, in a metaphor of the passage between the old world and new world, between lockdown and freedom.

”We are currently living a suspended moment, a fleeting transition between two worlds: one of successive lockdowns and difficult isolation, and one filled with the promise of new beginnings,” said Alexandre Mattiussi, founder and creative director of AMI. “There is a feeling and a need of connecting and of gathering together again, of enjoying ourselves, of celebrating… escaping! This is what inspired me to create a collection full of carefreeness and electric energy. I wanted to find the perfect scenario to showcase this story and a funfair is the first thing that came to my mind while searching for an allegory to freedom. There is something magical about going to the funfair; summer is in the air, and suddenly mystery turns into something sensual, exhilarating, and charged. L’Échappée Belle is a sweet escape and a new beginning, without space nor time frame, full of hope.”

AMI’s spring/summer ‘22 line highlights the quintessential design spirit of the brand. The collection of the “New Normal,” intrinsically fresh and dynamic, yet intuitively elegant. The approach is free and lighthearted.

The collection is defined by its familiar palette, a vibrant mix between levels of tonalities: from pastels to strong, flashy colors, and muted, darker sophisticated ones – including dusty pink, bright fuchsia, deep burgundy, pale aqua, and bright green.

AMI’s modern silhouettes get sharper shapes, more volumes, and an utmost sartorial sense. And, womenswear shows newfound femininity, stronger and modern, with pieces that emphasize the waist, refined shoes, and all-over mesh embroideries.

This collection also features a new range of bags in neutral colors that complement the energetic tones from the ready-to-wear collection: the Accordéon, AMI’s latest “it-bag” for spring/summer ‘22, a geometric shape with utilitarian feeling, and the Small Déjà-Vu – the reinterpretation on the Déjà-Vu, first seen in AMI’s fall/winter ‘21 runway show.

Among the accessories presented in L’Échappée Belle is a range of felt hats imagined by Borsalino exclusively for AMI. The floppy hats are declined in burgundy, taupe, green, and black, matching the color palette of AMI’s spring/summer ‘22 collection and hand-made by the Italian house’s fine artisans.