by Stephen Garner

AMI has teamed up with artist Jean-Paul Goude to create the first-ever Ami de Cœur campaign. The campaign carries a decisively positive message of hope, celebrating (with humor) AMI’s Frenchness, an aspect of the brand that resonates with its large international following.

At the origin of this campaign is a beautiful encounter, the new-found friendship between Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s founder and creative director, and Goude.  A photographer, choreographer, advertiser, a steady fixture, and the enfant terrible of the French artistic world over the past 40 years, Goude is a leading imaginative force, who has always managed to capture the essence of our times. 

Mattiussi, who has a genuine love for the work of Goude, has given him total creative freedom, making the photographer the artistic director of the Ami de Cœur campaign. Both creatives share an optimistic outlook on life and a mischievous sense of humor.

The mood of the campaign is playful and delicate. The photographer imprints AMI’s world into his unique imagery; it is a celebration of a French way of life and sense of aesthetics, a declaration of love to AMI’s hometown of Paris. Colorful yet modern, with a dose of fun and entertainment, its atmosphere reminds of cartoons and comics.

Goude cast Mattiussi as the main character of this campaign, in an allegoric, dream-like trip holding an Ami de Cœur balloon, he takes off and flies over Paris. The campaign highlights beloved representations of the city, its streets, its architecture, the Parisians, and the Eiffel Tower.

In French, Ami de Cœur means friend of the heart, as in best, dearest friend. Halfway between a trademark and a logo, the Ami de Cœur was originally the signature of Mattiussi, one he has used ever since he was a child to sign letters, sketches, or drawings.

The Ami de Cœur line, now a bi-annual capsule, was created in 2017. It was met with immediate enthusiasm, becoming a symbol of AMI’s international success.

The next capsule will launch in stores this May 1st, it features iconic pieces of the AMI wardrobe, including sweatshirts, pants, shirts, and T-shirts, revisited in the season’s block of primary colors: royal blue, sanguine red, and forest green.

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