An Ode To eBay, The Original Resale Site

While today, the homepage of eBay today is glossy and stacked with deals for the latest products, from shiny golf clubs for 70% off to white Puma sneakers, the depths of eBay tell more personal stories. The site is a perpetually on-sale hodgepodge, a chaotic cornucopia of collectibles, bulk products, and, really, whatever a person wants. A user can find a huge white truck—a 2006 Ford F750 to be specific—along with a woman in a short red dress who models next to it; a Victorian mourning locket made from nine-karat gold with a locket of blond hair still twisted in its center; and battery-powered figurine cats, with fur and all, whose paws clap, from all the way back in the ’60s. Typically, I use the site to browse for archival Gucci pieces or old magazines. I’ve purchased the Tom Ford–era Gucci thong skirt from spring 1998 on there—albeit it was missing a few rhinestones—and even a pair of the feathered thong sandals in Kool-Aid blue from Mr. Ford’s spring 1999 collection. Read more at Vogue.