Apparel Retailers Could Learn A Valuable Lesson From Walmart’s New Self-Checkout Test Store

Walmart is taking the idea that COVID-19 is the greatest experimentation hall pass in retail history to heart. In the span of a few months, Walmart, across its brand portfolio, has launched contactless payment via Walmart Pay, rolled out concierge shopping at Sam’s Club, formed new partnerships with ThredUP and Shopify, and, last but not least, this week converted all its conveyor belt checkout lanes to self-checkout counters in one of its Fayetteville, Arkansas stores. Now, before anyone gets carried away, the Fayetteville Walmart store is not a “self-checkout only store” (my quotes). According to a Walmart spokesperson, Walmart customers will still “be able to checkout in all the same ways they could before the redesign – that includes having an associate scan and bag their items.” Read more at Forbes.