Are Online Waitlists For Fashion Items A Total Scam?

by MR Magazine Staff

You’ve probably heard this story before: A cult-favorite brand has a waitlist for a highly anticipated new product, boasting the names of thousands upon thousands of eager customers. “This Bucket Bag Hasn’t Even Shipped, But It Has a 2,500-Person Waitlist;” “Frank Body’s New Glitter ‘Unicorn’ Scrub Has a 50,000-Person Waitlist;” or “There Are 40,000 People on the Waitlist for Everlane’s New Denim Collection.” Brand loyalty serves as a bragging badge for companies — as well as newsy clickbait for publishers and added hype — but it begs the question: Are online waitlists a total scam? Not quite. As drop culture continues its rise and businesses strive to emulate the outdoor lines and immediate sold-out launches achieved by brands like Supreme, online retailers are using waitlists to stir that same sense of excitement. “Waitlisting product or being a part of the waitlist makes you feel like you’re getting something that’s very coveted,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry advisor of NPD Group. “In today’s world, you can get anything anywhere at any time at any price. There’s all kinds of ways to try to raise the bar and take luxury, brand power and desirability into the equation because, frankly, there’s so much competition today than there was ever before.” Read more at Fashionista.