Are Seasonal Suits Worth Stocking at Retail?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: Is the “summer suit” still an important element in men’s wardrobes? I’ve noticed in your latest reports that suit sales have been down for a few months now. Are men just wearing the suits they have year-round, or are seasonal suit trends still something that I should factor into my buying plans?

StevePruitt-FEATURED.jpgSteve Pruitt: The answer is yes, men should have summer-weight suits in their wardrobes. These can be lightweight wools, or I’ve even seen great looking cotton suits in the stores. Think of it this way: If you don’t carry them, you can’t sell them. Let’s not enable our customers to believe that a year-round suit will always do the job. If you do this, you’re not offering the highest level of service. The summer-weight suit should be the staple in men’s wardrobes, so make sure you communicate this message and have a range of options for customers to choose from.