Are These SoHo Billboards The Most Coveted Advertising Spots In New York City?

by MR Magazine Staff

“Listen, @calvinklein and @shawnmendes, this billboard is a HUGE liability issue. I, for one, nearly stepped into traffic while staring at it. I’m no lawyer, just thought you should know,” wrote our very own Tyler McCall on Instagram, regarding a certain advertisement that takes up nearly the entire side of a building on Houston between Lafayette and Crosby streets. Her post has garnered more than 330 likes since February; over the following four months, that same billboard space has shuffled through a number of spokesmodels for tourists, commuters and residents alike to gaze upon, take photos of and, hopefully, not cause any major pedestrian mishaps. (As it stands on Tuesday, the ad features none other than 23-year-old heartthrob Noah Centineo, so we make no promises.) Read more at Fashionista.