Armani Urges Trendsetter Britain To Stay In EU

by MR Magazine Staff

Giorgio Armani has urged Britain to stay in the European Union, warning that the bloc would be worse off without England’s cutting edge influence on fashion and design. “I’m in favor of the British staying in Europe,” the legendary Italian designer said in Milan, where the latest menswear shows wrapped up on Tuesday with the unveiling of Armani’s main Spring-Summer 2017 collection. “The island is part of Europe and I have always seen England as the avant-garde part of Europe – the bit that moves, that develops, always the first to do something eccentric and to give space for art.” Britain is a relatively minor player in Europe’s fashion industry in terms of manufacturing and global sales. But the country’s vibrant music and street fashion scenes have helped to make it disproportionately influential on catwalk trends. Read more at The Sun Daily.