by Stephen Garner

Arnette is continuing its collaboration with Post Malone. Guided by his unapologetic creative instinct, this exclusive partnership inspires a fresh campaign that dives deep into the weird and wild universe of Malone’s mind, in three episodes: ‘Born’, ‘Dream’ and ‘Live’.

The new edition of Post Malone + Arnette debuts a bold, one-of-a-kind signature model made of sustainable bioplastic. Its original ‘90s metal shapes add a touch of grunge to the street style collection, while a fresh clip-on design and a selection of cult looks offer 24-hour style that is as contemporary as it gets.

“Creating is what I enjoy most especially with the brands I love,” said Malone. “I’m super happy for this new Arnette sunglasses collection which is inspired by my personal style and creative vision. Love my fans and Arnette fam.  :)”