Art Guys Are Your New Style Gods

by MR Magazine Staff

Lately, Jake Gyllenhaal has been dressing less like a movie star with a role in a Spider-Man movie and more like a guy who’s ready to give you an artist’s statement. This is at least sort of on purpose: In January, he starred in Velvet Buzzsaw, an art-world thriller in which he plays a critic named Morf Vandewalt, a Jerry Saltz–by-way-of–Miranda Priestly whose primary form of communication is hyper-specific color descriptions. (He tells one woman that “cornsilk is really your color” and dunks on a coffin because it’s “smog orange.” “Can you imagine spending eternity in that?!” he asks.) That sensitivity seems to have carried over to his offscreen wardrobe. To a Sundance event in January, he wore a green-and-blue Acne sweater that was webby and wobbly (and also maybe a daring commentary on knitwear’s negative space???). A few days later, for another Sundance event, he wore an Acne blazer over an asymmetrical tie-dye Loewe button-down—but the tie-dye looked more like a watercolor color field painting than a Deadhead’s favorite tee. A few weeks later, at the premiere of the play Sea Wall/A Life, in which he stars, he went wild in a wave-print Dries Van Noten suit. Read more at GQ.