by John Russel Jones

If only we knew precisely when customers would show up in our stores. Then, we could be entirely prepared when things get busy. Here, our expert, BJ Stringham of UWM Men’s Shop and Selling Is, offers suggestions for how teamwork can put customers at ease and ensure that everyone is properly served, even on the busiest days.

MR and Selling Is hope you have enjoyed the five videos that we have provided to enhance your selling experience. As we all know, there are many things to learn to best service our customers and move specialty business forward. It takes constant self-evaluation and teamwork to survive and thrive in the age of Amazon Prime accounts and fly-by-night MTM shops. Selling Is was created to directly address all the issues in this business with over 100 training videos available for subscription. If you want to learn more, please email

Photo by August de Richelieu.



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