Athleisure Exec Explains Why The Retail Apocalypse Is Actually A Renaissance

by MR Magazine Staff

Bandier is doubling down on brick-and-mortar retail while others retreat. Since launching in the Hamptons in 2014, Bandier has become a key player in high-end sportswear, selling $300 leggings — which often come with long waitlists— and stocking exclusive brands such as P.E Nation and Ultracor. Since then, it’s grown to operate five stores in total and added new lower-cost labels such as Adidas and Nike to its roster. Plus, it’s launched five of its own private-label collections. Now, the company is doubling down on its stores with the goal of creating a destination shopping experience for customers. “We want to get what we have super, and won’t accept anything that is not a positive contributor to the business,” Bandier’s president, Stephen Ippolito, recently told Business Insider. Ippolito, who joined Bandier in 2017 after being an investor in the company, believes that it is poised to take advantage of the so-called retail apocalypse— the name given to the wave of store closings and retail bankruptcies that has swept the country in recent years. He believes that retail is not going through an apocalypse but a renaissance, and it is up to retailers to stay nimble and adapt to the times. Read more at Business Insider.