Athletes Aren’t The Only Ones Who’ve Waited Years To Compete In The 2016 Olympics

by MR Magazine Staff

Athletes aren’t the only ones who’ve waited years to compete in the 2016 Olympics. For rival sports brands, it’s time to vie for the spotlight. Globally, three billion people are expected to watch the opening ceremony of the Rio games. In the US, the world’s largest sportswear market, the 2012 Olympics were the most-watched event in television history. And NBC, owner of this year’s broadcast rights, believes the Rio games could be even bigger. Every time a brand’s commercial or product appears onscreen—ideally on an athlete—it’s a chance to connect with a truly global audience. This makes the Olympics an arena for industry competition, and especially for dominant brands Nike and Adidas. “There’s no greater stage and no bigger moment than the Olympics,” says Greg Hoffman, Nike’s chief marketing officer. Read more at Quartz.