Australian Sneakerheads See Reselling as a Way to Grow the Country’s Footwear Culture

In collaboration with eBay, we take a look at eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee which helps cement trust between the buyers and sellers of the sneaker community. On a global scale, but also locally, in a country obsessed with having the latest and greatest in their wardrobe. In Australia, the sneaker market is simply put, huge. We are a big fan of comfort, with athleisure and casual wear brands dominating the streets. And this transcends clothing, emphasised when you look at the feet of the fashionable walking in any part of the country.

Two such people – Andersont Giovanni and YO! Mafia – are redefining what a micro sartorial landscape can look like, taking influence from a world stage and bringing it back to the local culture at large. Read more at Hypebeast.