Backstage And Story Are Very Pretty. But, Will They Lure Shoppers To Macy’s?

by MR Magazine Staff

“Macy’s is still a thing?” a friend said when I told him I was writing this column. “I figured Amazon was just going to take over the Thanksgiving parade with drones and that would be the end of it.” While my friend’s point may be tongue-in-cheek, his comments also reveal something broader about relevancy and brand recognition when it comes to the retailer. There are conflicting ideas about Macy’s. On one hand, the department store is still a popular online destination. According to a recent SimilarWeb Retail Trend report, it has the most visited website for apparel in average monthly traffic proving that there is an audience that is actively engaging with the retailer. On the other hand, the company’s most recent holiday season was rough, especially after post-Black Friday sales. Read more at Retail Dive.