by Stephen Garner

Bally’s new flagship lit up Milan in celebration of the ‘Bally Haus’ – the brand’s latest store location situated on Via Montenapoleone on Monday night.

Designed by Casper Mueller Kneer Architects and opened in September 2019, the store concept evolves across three-stories, honoring Swiss brand codes that recall Bally’s legacy and craftsmanship through the cultural appreciation of art, design, and nature.

Illustrating the interaction between architecture and the environment, a founding brand pillar, the celebration of the ‘Bally Haus’ amplified the seasonal narrative of ‘Graphic by Nature’, introduced with the spring/summer ‘20 collection presentation. As night descended, Bally’s installation, conceived by Stefan Beckman, featured a forest-like graphic which, projected in soft spring hues, transformed the exterior façade of the store. Inside, native Alpine flora lined the stairwells and corners, while floor-to-ceiling projections continued across internal walls and wooden-sapling silhouettes filled windows, all complemented by a sensory soundtrack that combined lyrics, beats, and birdsong.

The evening was attended by friends of the brand and notable guests including Italian supermodels, actors, media, and influencers.

Photos by Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images for Bally