Barbour x Norton & Sons

by Harry Sheff

Barbour’s celebrated collaboration with Japanese designer To Ki To is a hard act to follow, but the British heritage brand has managed to secure a partner for fall/winter 2013 that has bloggers buzzing again. The Beacon Heritage line’s new collection was designed with Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons under creative director Patrick Grant (pictured left).

Patrick Grant

“Clothing is getting lighter, and that takes so much of the joy out of it,” Grant said at a showing of the collection. “We used heavy cottons and paid close attention to the waxes. Seeing the Barbour archive in South Shields was an eye-opener for me. It’s not about excessive detail—these are simple clothes. Everything, like the flaps that protect pockets from the rain, is there because it’s practical.

The Barbour/Norton collection features a range of waxed cotton outerwear ($599 to $999 retail) and fishing sweaters ($299 to $349 retail), along with a couple of tailored pieces ($599 to $649 retail), shirts ($199 to $225) and trousers ($199 retail).