Barneys New York Windows 2016
by Stephen Garner
Barneys New York Windows 2016Barneys New York Windows 2016Barneys New York Windows 2016Barneys New York Windows 2016Barneys New York Windows 2016Barneys New York Windows 2016
Luxury specialty retailer Barneys New York unveiled its holiday windows on Thursday, November 17th at its Madison Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. This year’s theme, “Love Peace Joy Project”, will remain on display at both the Madison Avenue and Chelsea locations until January 3, 2017.

For the Love Peace Joy Project, celebrated artists partnered with the retailer to create inventive interpretations of love, peace, and joy, themes that continue to bring people together, especially during the holidays.  The artists, who represent a wide range of styles and ideals, include visual and performance artist Nick Cave, contemporary artist Rob Pruitt, artist collective Studio Job, mixed media artist Ebony G. Patterson, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Comedy Central’s South Park. The windows encompass the core aesthetic of each respective artist as the base, but then add another level of innovation that is unique to the Barneys New York.

In addition, products from both Cage and artists collaborative Studio Job are now available with items ranging from custom lollipops for $18, to silk scarves for $240, and a bronzed stamp mirror for $5,595.

To further spread love, peace, and joy, the retailer’s newly launched Barneys New York Foundation is debuting the #LovePeaceJoyProject, a crowdsourced social campaign to encourage audiences to share in the seasonal festivities while supporting charitable causes. For each post, the Barneys New York Foundation will then provide a $5 donation to Amy Schumer and stylist Leesa Evan’s STYLEFUND, which is aimed at the cultivation of personal well-being by guiding women on how to find their individual style silhouette to create true confidence, and to Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation, which inspires the lives of children by empowering them to ask “Why Not?” and teaching them to never give up.