Your Beat-Up Old Band T-Shirts Might Be Worth Hundreds Of Dollars

by MR Magazine Staff

It may be hard to believe, but at one point you could just find classic punk, metal, and rock tees on sale for the price that you might expect to pay for a previously owned shirt. All it took was some digging and a budget of ten bucks or so. That’s how I acquired some of the all-time best pieces of my collection, like an ’80s-vintage bootleg Joy Division shirt from a college town vintage store, a Stevie Nicks “Rock a Little Tour ’86” concert tee picked up at a stoop sale in Chicago, and my all-time greatest score, an unblemished deadstock Circle Jerks T-shirt that I unexpectedly discovered in a rural Michigan architectural salvage shop for something like four bucks, and which I wore for nearly a decade to the point where it barely qualified as clothing anymore. Read more at Esquire.