Bernie Sanders-Inspired Menswear Collection Debuted By Balenciaga

by MR Magazine Staff

Balenciaga debuted their Fall 2017 menswear collection in Paris on Wednesday and people could not help but notice that a certain 2016 political figure may have inspired their latest work. As the models strode down the catwalk, several of them wore sweatshirts, bomber jackets and scarves featuring a ‘Balenciaga 2017’ logo which had a striking similarity to that used by Bernie Sanders during his campaign for the Democrat candidacy last year. While current events and political messages feeding into fashion is nothing new (think Vivienne Westwood’s use of ‘ecotricity’ and Chanel’s feminist protest in 2014), the 75-year-old left-wing Vermont senator would previously have been an unthinkable fashion icon before his surge in popularity among the youth last year. Read more at The Independent.