The Best Camel Coat Is One That Fits Your Personal Style (And Budget)

by MR Magazine Staff

A great camel coat is like good meth. (Hear us out.) If watching five seasons of Breaking Bad taught us anything, it was that meth making is a precise science where the tiniest mistake ruins an entire batch. The best camel coat requires an equal amount of consideration and attention to detail for the recipe to work. You need three things to be just right: color, cut, and craftsmanship. Roughly 95 percent of the camel coats in existence are the wrong color—too light, too dark, too beige, too drab. But our favorite camel coats right now come in a softer shade of tan, with a peachy undertone as opposed to a yellow one (which reads as cheap). Even if you don’t care about color theory, know this: the hues you see above are the best for wearing over everything in your wardrobe. And while a bad camel coat will swallow you up in extra yards of wool, a great one will make you look leaner and taller than ever. You want one that, regardless of the silhouette, fits straight through the body (giving you what fashion people like to call “a line.”). The truth is every guy looks better in a camel coat. If you’re a sprezzy Italian gent with a predilection for polka dot silk scarves and tassel loafers, a camel coat will easily fit into your closet. If you’re a polo-loving, pink chino-wearing prepster, a camel coat will pair up perfectly with your gold button navy blazers. If you’re one of the stars of Empire, a camel coat kills. Even if you’re a committed minimalist with a staunchly monochromatic wardrobe and lots of uncomfortably square furniture, any of GQ‘s best camel coats will easily work with your wardrobe. See more at GQ.