Best Fashion Moments & Trends of the 1960s Influencing the Way We Dress Today

When it comes to fashion, not many decades can rival the sartorial impact of the ‘Swinging Sixties.’ Drawing inspiration from the ‘Space Race’ of the Cold War, popular SCI-FI series, and the second wave of feminism, 60 fashion was all about self-expression and creativity. For women, the 60s fashion revolutionized the concept of womenswear, bending gender norms with radical looks, bold colors, and a rebellious attitude. With The Beatles leading the way, the 60 fashion for men was artful and defined by fun hues, moving away from the classic and proper looks of the past decade. Read more at The Vou.

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  1. In men’s wear the 1960s was the birth of Mod especially John Stephens of Carnaby Street. Sterns in New York was the 1st store to open a John Stephens boutique. Also the sixties were the beginning of men’s designer names. Bonwit Teller opened the 1st Pierre Cardin boutique and the 1st Bill Blass boutique in the United States in the sixties. Lord and Taylor opened the first John Weitz boutique as well.

  2. The Best of The Best , in my opinion, were the 20 years from 1966 – 1986. From Mod . to hippie to the “ new shaped , fitted suits and sptcts. from Cardin & YSL to Armanis new lapel and shoulders to the start of unconstructed tailored. Nothing was more transformational or inspirational than those years ….Just my opinion !!

  3. Excellent observations and very accurate .Pierre Cardin definitely changed the shape of men’s clothing.

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