The best wallets (and beyond) for getting your act together

by MR Magazine Staff

There are few purchases more satisfying then a brand-new wallet. Not only does it upgrade your style every day of every week without ever having to be washed, but it can also make you feel magically more in control of your finances and future. A messy, worn-out wallet means never having two bucks to tip the valet, and accidentally using the wrong credit card over and over—and over—again. A fresh one, however, turns you into an exact-change, multi-tasking, budget-observing machine. Because it’s the first month of a New Year, a.k.a. the “get sh#t together” zone, here are some of the best wallets and card cases on the market right now, plus useful add-ons for the rest of the stuff in your pockets. See more at GQ.