Bezos Admits To Serious Issues For Retail Brands In Antitrust Inquiry. What Will Change?

In 2017 I purchased a Macbook Air laptop from Amazon. Nearly a year later, a university campus police officer contacted my company, asserting that the laptop was stolen property and needed to be returned to the campus. After a frustrating initial experience with Amazon customer service I was eventually directed to their executive relations team who reviewed the police documentation carefully and promptly refunded me. I had unwittingly purchased stolen goods from Amazon. The fact that Amazon occasionally sells stolen goods was one of the many topics brought before Jeff Bezos today at the House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing. Bezos had satisfying answers to some questions, and admitted he didn’t know about some fairly critical issues. Here’s a summary of the key issues identified for brands selling on (or to) Amazon, and what the company is likely to do about them. Read more at Forbes.