‘Big And Tall’ Could Be Bigger — And Better

by MR Magazine Staff

Our civilization encourages a dude to be a bigger man, but doesn’t deign to dress him very well. The situation in apparel for what the industry calls “big and tall” men stands in stark contrast to women’s plus. A surge in feminist empowerment (spurred most recently by the #metoo movement) and the democratic nature of social media have given voice to stylish influencers who display confident images of themselves, call out brands refusing to cater to them and hail those that successfully do. For plus-size female consumers, a dearth of fashion options in a neglected niche has morphed into a plethora of new and legacy retailers not only getting into the segment, but also offering an inclusive size range available to all, or at least many more, women. It’s become easier for those who don’t fit into what is known as “straight” sizes to not only find apparel, but also see themselves in marketing and on the runway. It’s been a long road, and men, by and large, are still not on it. Read more at Retail Dive.