The Big Problem With Shipping Clothes To Small Towns

by MR Magazine Staff

I can’t think of many scenarios in which one might need a pair of Crocs delivered to them in two hours or less — emergency gardening? An urgent need to DIY Christopher Kane’s embellished versions? A sudden impulse to offend the sensibilities of those around you? — but thanks to Amazon Prime Now, residents of 32 U.S. cities can at least sleep soundly knowing the option is always there. When the e-commerce giant launched the on-demand delivery program in 2014, it was billed as the most convenient way to shop for household essentials and groceries. However, the offerings now include far more than paper towels and potato chips. If you run out of clean underwear or gym socks, you can order a pack of new ones rather than running to the laundromat. If the weather report says a storm is coming, you can have an umbrella on your doorstep before having to venture outside — all without paying a dime in shipping fees. Of course, this is assuming you live in a city like San Francisco, Miami, or Chicago. If you happen to be in, say, rural Wyoming, you’ll find you’re out of luck. Read more at Racked.