by Stephen Garner
Bill Brenner
Bill Brenner

MCG: Market Connect Group, the largest provider of in-store merchandising services to retailers nationwide, and affiliate of Randa Accessories, has named Bill Brenner as its new president. Brenner comes to MCG after a 27-year career in the in-store service industry.

“Bill Brenner brings to MCG business development and leadership expertise to take us to the next level of success,” said David J. Katz, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer. “His performance will be supported and strengthened by MCG’s core competencies in raising brand awareness, first-in-class in-store service, increased consumer engagement and data-driven consumer insights. We are confident that this is the right combination to guide MCG to continued growth and success in today’s disrupted retail environment.”

Brenner brings a depth of experience in the retail marketing services industry to his new position. He joined, and built, National Marketing Services (NMS) after graduating from Northwestern University where over a fifteen-year period, he led NMS’s exponential growth. Under Brenner, annual revenues rose from $1.5 million to $37 million and operations expanded to cover all 50 U.S. states and Canada. The company provided in-store service to Toys-R-Us, Staples, Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and Petco and classifications including toys, furniture, office supplies, games and pet products.

While at NMS, Bill helped establish a trade association for the industry, NARMS (National Association of Retail Marketing Services), serving first on its board and then as chairman. In 2009, Bill sold NMS to the SPAR Group Inc., a publicly traded service provider where he stayed on for several years as senior vice president of business development.

“I am excited to join MCG,” said Brenner. “This is a time of new opportunities to engage with consumers at point-of-sale. I look forward to optimizing MCG’s outstanding record of success, its network of talent, and most important, extending it in innovative ways in the new world of commerce.”