Billy Porter’s Stylist Just Wants You To Feel Wonderful

by MR Magazine Staff

This past awards season, Pose star Billy Porter emerged as the must-watch star of the red carpet. The actor wore suits and dresses with equal aplomb, and he not only ignited a conversation on genderless dressing, but seemed to unleash a long-suppressed conviction that actors—and anyone—should be able to wear whatever they want, whether it’s a tuxedo or a ball gown. (Or, as he showed at the Oscars, both.) The man helping Porter shape this look is stylist Sam Ratelle, who has worked with the actor for a little more than a year. From the beginning of their collaboration, Ratelle and Porter knew the red carpet could be a starting point to challenge assumptions about gender and clothing. GQ spoke about developing Porter’s “genderless” style, how you call upon a fashion house for men’s and women’s clothing, and why the whole world is ready to wear skirts. Read more at GQ.