Billy Reid and Gibson Come Together to Acknowledge the Hummingbird Guitar

Billy Reid is one of our favorite boutique brands thanks to its abidance to tradition, and its handsome joint effort with Gibson is another chapter in its timeless catalog. The pair of Southern-bred manufacturers are coming together to acknowledge one of the premier guitar luthier’s most iconic silhouettes: the Hummingbird.

The Nashville-based brand’s legendary silhouette has been played by famed artists like The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and solo rocker Lenny Kravitz. Believe it or not, this is Gibson’s first-ever joint effort with a clothing brand, proving that Billy Reid is only gaining more and more respect in fashion. The Alabama-bred clothier’s inspiration is deeply rooted in music, and the same applies to the state of music culture and individuality overall. Read more at HiConsumption.