by Stephen Garner

BirchboxMan is rebranding to Birchbox Grooming. The brother subscription box service to Birchbox that first launch in 2012, is now looking to build an inclusive home that welcomes all types of customers interested in grooming products – not just men.

Birchbox’s perspective is that anyone can shop either beauty or grooming – the company doesn’t want its name to dictate which gender is allowed to engage with either category. So the “Man” had to go. So, the company iss rebranding its physical and digital experiences, removing “Man” from the monthly box, across the site, and on social (@birchboxman is now @birchboxgrooming).

“When we first launched, our goal was to offer men an easy, efficient way to upgrade their grooming routines. Would they want it? The answer turned out to be yes, they sure as hell did,” the brand said in a press release. “We introduced men to eye cream and fancy shampoo. We helped grow indie grooming brands and added value in new ways to larger, more well-known brands. We introduced a lower-priced, $10/month subscription option in 2017 and saw 100% year-over-year growth.”

“But despite the success we were seeing, something didn’t feel right,” the brand continued. “It was the name BirchboxMan. We believe that you shouldn’t modify a brand name with human qualifiers (like ‘Man’) that express a limitation on the type of people that should buy your product. Unless, of course, that’s truly the intent. We offer beauty products and we offer grooming products, but our perspective is that anyone can shop either category; we don’t want our brand name to dictate who’s allowed to shop grooming. So, the ‘Man’ had to go.”

A small shift happened last year when the company renamed the navigation at the top right of our site from “Women’s” and “Men’s” to “Beauty” and “Grooming.” That was driven by feedback from a non-gender-conforming customer, and the company notes that it is “deeply thankful for the much-needed kick in the butt to accelerate these plans.”

Further, the brand announced it will be adding Birchbox Grooming sections to each of its Birchbox at Walgreens pilot locations starting Thursday, May 31st.