by MR Magazine Staff
Is it the horses? The bourbon? Maybe it’s the fried chicken, but apparently, Kentucky is the most Black Friday-obsessed state in America, a new study reveals.  The research, carried out by fashion experts at online fast-fashion retailer Boohoo examined Google Trends data of search terms frequently used by people interested in Black Friday. These terms were then combined to give each American state a ‘total Black Friday search score’ to discover which states have been the most interested in Black Friday over the past five years. The search terms that have been used to determine the results include: ‘Black Friday’, ‘Black Friday deals’, ‘Black Friday online’, ‘Black Friday clothes,’ and ‘Black Friday online deals.’ 


The study revealed that Kentucky is the state most curious about Black Friday. With a total search score of 543, Kentucky topped the list for its population having the highest search levels for ‘Black Friday clothes’, the second highest number of searches for ‘Black Friday,’ and fourth highest searches for ‘Black Friday deals.’ West Virginia, Arkansas, and Alabama ranked second, third, and fourth as states most interested in the “shopping holiday.”

The next ranked states included Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, and Louisiana, with Kansas rounding out the top ten. 

Boohoo commented on the findings: “Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year when it comes to buying items such as clothes at a far lower price than normal. This study provides exciting insight into which states remain most interested in Black Friday and which states are the least bothered about securing sale items.” 

Clothing and shoes lead shopping categories

Clothing and shoes was one of buy now/pay later app Klarna’s top three most popular shopping categories during Black Friday this year.  Online purchase data from the company found that casual and smart-casual styles rose in popularity among US shoppers during Black Week:

Klarna’s shopping index reveals that rugby shirts (+71%), boxers (44%), Oxford shirts (+38%), chino pants (+35%), and jeggings (32%) were bought more often than other clothing & shoe products the week of Black Friday, compared to the week prior.

Ballerina slippers (+60%), pumps/court shoes (+35%), brogues (+25%) and platform shoes also (+23%) gained traction among consumers over the same time period.

Klarna’s Shopping Index is calculated based on the number of sold items and reflects the true trends regardless of overall category sales growth. The data is from online purchases with Klarna in the United States of America, from week 46 to week 47 in 2022.

ABOVE: Photo by Max Fischer.