by John Russel Jones

AI Body Modeling technology provider Bold Metrics has redesigned its Smart Size Chart (SSC) interface after months of user testing, putting shoppers firmly at the center of the experience. Drawing on US-based and international shopper feedback, tests were conducted across all age groups and eCommerce experience levels to ensure that even inexperienced online shoppers could find their best fit intuitively. Word, image, and formatting choices were all tested in-depth to determine the best possible customer experience, combining ease of use with accuracy and speed. Testing was carried out on existing client sites and via a generic user flow to actualize accurate results and determine preferred user experiences.

“User testing has been crucial to helping us understand how shoppers interact with our tools, taking assumptions out of the equation—every decision was tested and validated so all aspects of the tool work as intended,” said Morgan Marzo, Product Designer at Bold Metrics.

Bold Metrics’ redesigned Smart Size Chart draws on extensive user testing and feedback to create an intuitive sizing experience that helps shoppers find their best fit easily.

Personalize retail while driving down returns

The goal was to build confidence and trust with customers interacting with the Smart Size Chart solution by providing fast and accurate results aligned with or exceeding customer expectations. By listening to and integrating shoppers’ feedback as an integral part of the redesign process, Bold Metrics created an intuitive online shopping experience to elevate the fit experience at brands like Canada Goose, Men’s Wearhouse, and UpWest.

“Bold Metrics is the only AI Body Modeling company focusing on helping brands use body data to drive conversion while reducing returns and keeping them down. We are the first sizing solution to directly address fit preference, providing shoppers tangible guidance on how a given style will fit across points of measure critical to that garment,” says Daina Burnes, Bold Metrics’ CEO and co-founder.

“Bold Metrics’ Smart Size Chart already helps apparel brands drive down returns by 32% and boost conversion by 20% on average. With this update, the company is optimizing its core product to set brands up for further success. The aim has always been to help brands unlock the power of body data through helpful, engaging, and human-centered solutions.  The updated interface incorporates extensive user-testing and feedback to ensure customers understand the tool, how to use it, and can make an informed purchase decision to drive down returns and keep them down effectively, ” adds Jeff Mergy, the company’s Chief of Product.

Interested retailers and brands can find more information here.

Photo above: Marta Longas.