Bonobos Fall 2021 Back to business campaign
by Stephen Garner

Bonobos is getting back to business in its new fall 2021 campaign. Aptly titled, “Back to Business,” the menswear brand’s latest project focuses on “normalcy” and dressing for whatever that occasion may be – from returning to the office to meeting friends for an outdoor dinner.

“Back to Business is about our guy getting back to some sort of ‘normalcy,’ in his life after (but still not over) an unpredictable, unprecedented time,” Bonobos CEO, Micky Onvural, tells MR. “It’s about him getting back into a groove of daily life and dressing for whatever that occasion may be; putting on a suit as he heads back into the office, or maybe a smart, but comfortable e-waist pant to meet with his friends for dinner. Regardless of the occasion, we want to insert joy and confidence into his everyday life, and had fun capturing that spirit in this campaign.”

Bonobos Fall 2021 Back to business campaign

For the brand’s new fall collection, the range is complete with everything from cozy sweaters to chino pants. Bonobos is also highlighting its “Chore Suit,” which serves as a casual iteration of the classic suit – built to be worn dress up, dressed down, or styled as separates. This item features an E-Waist and brushed Italian cotton, for a versatile set that fits the style of “new workwear.” And, the brand’s best-selling Merino knits are relaunching this season with added performance attributes like moisture control and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Asked what his definition of what makes appropriate post-COVID office attire, Onvural tells us: “I don’t believe there is one concrete definition since our society has developed such a casual style throughout most industries when it comes to workwear. Whatever makes you your most comfortable and confident self is the best way to show up to the office.”

Bonobos Fall 2021 Back to business campaign


  1. I know that I’m the ONLY one that gets annoyed by the hyping of any on-line seller at all in the industry. NOBODY else cares that each of our local economies suffers from reduced capital circulating locally. It’s not bullshit, it’s not a guess, it’s a fact, and it CAN be fought back against if people stop to think. It worsens when that hyping is for the nightmare predator Wallmart, whose mantra as they grew was to put everyone in each town they entered out of business. Buying Bonobos enriches Walmart. Period. How stupid can we possibly be? Not this citizen. If anyone else but ME felt and behaved that same way, it would be a different world. It’s hopeless but I guess I’ll scream bloody murder until I can’t.

    If someone killed your family, I find it hard to imagine that you’d eat at their restaurant. But take an idea like this, and it’s “hey, what’s the big deal?”

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