by Brian Lipton

bonobosNational clothing retailer Bonobos has launched a new marketing campaign entitled Project 172 in Austin and Chicago. The campaign, which was created in conjunction with Observatory Marketing, includes a 30-second TV spot (which features 10 influencers from each of those markets), along with murals by local artists and other street-oriented advertising.

“The idea of Project 172 spawns from the fact that we now have 172 pants options for men. And being that our brand was founded on fit, we thought this was an interesting statistic,” says a spokesperson for the brand. “Equally important, last fall, we launched our ‘Role Model’ campaign, which was intended to redirect the brand for the modern man and celebrating him in any size, shape, belief, etc. One thing we’ve come to realize is that there is no one way to be a man anymore, no one model for masculinity. In a way, both of these campaigns are an extension of our ‘Fit for Every Man’ slogan. It’s really a general brand direction, and we need to show the consumer that we’re more than just an ordinary clothes company.”

Asked why the brand chose Austin and Chicago – and there are no current plans to expand the campaign to other cities – the spokesperson responded: “These are fantastic markets for us, and we want to see how we can make an impact on a local level. And we’re particularly optimistic about the results we will have in these cities, both with existing customers and new customers. Project 172 really brings a new level to personalization to our ad campaigns.”