by Karen Alberg Grossman

It’s just 35 pages long and, with a soft cover, more a pamphlet than a book. But this informative, entertaining and beautifully photographed marketing tool by Vivek Nagrani and editorial director Jay Soo, is a delight to read and a perfect impulse purchase at the cash register (or gift-with-purchase, if you’re feeling generous.)

What makes it so cool: a compelling first chapter on Why Clothing Matters (“The gent creates his own style, rather than falling victim to fashion.”) A few fabulous recipes (I tried the meatballs—easy and delicious!) Some interesting how-to articles: How to Handroll a Cigarette/Joint (In Legal States); How to Set Up a Bar; How to Recover from a Hangover; How to Write a Condolence Letter. There are also great features from contributing experts in their field including Tips on Dating from a professional matchmaker and How to Pick Wine without being a Pretentious A****** from the sommelier at an upscale NYC restaurant.

“I’m working on a full book featuring more collaborative efforts with leaders of various industries,” says Nagrani. “I want to move beyond just fashion and bring in pastimes that a man who enjoys dressing would also enjoy. Hopefully, this encourages men to see style in a 360 degree perspective. Sadly, I feel like there are no ‘real men’ these days, guys like Bogart, McQueen, Brando, Gable, Dean Martin. We have freaking Bieber, Kardashians, rappers… none who’ve been taught about the meaning of style or the responsibility of fame.”

The VKN Manual is available for $2.00 wholesale for a suggested retail of $4.95.  You can reach Nagrani at