by John Russel Jones

Borsalino is previewing its Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Pitti Uomo this week, showing a collection that is inspired by Mother Nature, Claude Monet, and the Impressionist Movement, all designed by Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci.

The breathtaking landscapes of Normandy, so loved by Claude Monet inspire the translated chromatic palette, dégradé details, and handcrafted fringing of the collection. The Panama Quito Federico and Sophie models star in multicolor straw and raw textures enhanced by a tartan effect. Chevron hatbands elegantly add light to Ecuadorian straw, raffia, and papier hats, emblems of Borsalino excellence and craftsmanship. A floral motif of cornflowers, water lilies, and peonies is a true tribute to the Impressionists. For the hardcore Borsalino fan, though, is the standout braided straw visor with an all-over Borsalino vintage logo crest.

See the complete collection at Pitti-Immagine starting today at PT Studio Suami Piazza del Carmine 5 Florence.