by Stephen Garner

On September 25th, BOSS revealed an uplifting, colorful, and relaxed spring ‘21 collection with an outdoor show at the Palazzo del Senato in Milan. Staged before a limited number of guests, the runway show was augmented by a multi-platform global live stream and a simultaneous live event in China.

The Palazzo del Senato holds particular significance for the brand, as the first-ever BOSS womenswear show was held here exactly 20 years ago. This return, two decades on, was an opportunity to celebrate the enduring confidence, elegance, and strength of the BOSS woman, as she moves together with the BOSS man into a whole new era.

The tree-lined spring 21 runway, set amid the columns of the open-air courtyard, brought architecture and nature into perfect alignment. Every tree from the show space will now be donated to the city of Milan and cared for by BOSS for two years.

The collection captures the current mood within fashion — creativity and renewal with a focus on craft, color, and artistry. The work of London-based artist William Farr, which unites flowers with found objects, inspires embroidered and printed pieces, while floral motifs and metal eyelet details are seen throughout the collection.

The show continues a decisive move towards casualization, revealing a sportier, younger vision of the BOSS man and woman. Men’s hoodies, sneakers, drawstring pants, and bomber jackets all find a place on the runway. Simple shorts, wide-leg pants, and super-soft knits lend the collection a more easygoing feel than ever before. A refreshing palette of blues, vivid emerald, and soft rose enhances this new attitude, along with shades of sand, cream, and forest green.

In a first for a German fashion brand, BOSS used the live-streaming tool on TikTok to broadcast its spring/summer 2021 fashion show from the Palazzo del Senato in Milan. Streaming the fashion show on TikTok, reflects a decision by BOSS to reach out to a younger audience by taking a social-media-first and more experimental approach.

“TikTok is an exciting and challenging new platform that we have been experimenting with for some months now, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together next,” said Lüder Fromm, director of global marketing and brand communications at Hugo Boss. “Reaching Generation Z and digital natives with a social-first approach is a key component of our marketing strategy, and we are totally committed to this new direction for the brand.”

See the full show below.