This Brand Just Turned Tailored Clothes Into A Punk-Rock Statement

by MR Magazine Staff

Traditional tailoring and youthful rebellion sound like strange bedfellows. But even though leather jackets and ripped jeans have been the de facto uniform of rebels and rockers the world over since punk came to a head in the late ’70s, there’s something to be said for the subversive power of using the establishment’s sartorial tools to ones own ends. At least, that’s how designer Chris Leba of denim-heavy brand R13 sees it. The label’s spring collection is shot through with downtown staples like patched jackets and shredded denim, but hiding among the casual gear are a few unexpected pieces. A crombie coat (albeit with a dropped shoulder detail). A crisp white button-down. Slim trousers. They’re made in collaboration with Southwick, a tailor famous for working with everyone from Thom Browne to Brooks Brothers. See more at Esquire.