What Brexit Could Mean For The Fashion World

by MR Magazine Staff

Last Saturday, in the middle of the London men’s wear collections, a happening of sorts occurred on the Strand. At the emerging designer Daniel W. Fletcher’s off-schedule show/demonstration just outside the official venue, a group of models in warm-up suits and other kinds of eye-catching streetwear emblazoned with the word “Stay” staged a quasi sit-in while carting European Union flags and banners. Message: Brexit — shorthand for Britain’s possible departure from the European Union, which will be decided in a referendum on June 23 — would not be in fashion’s best interests. Mr. Fletcher was not the only designer to wear his politics on his sleeve. After the Sibling show on Sunday, co-founders Cozette McCreery and Sid Bryan took their bow wearing T-shirts printed with the word “In” (as in: stay in). Ditto Patrick Grant of E. Tautz. It was about time. Read more at The New York Times.