Brightening The Big Easy: How Eyewear Brand Krewe Is Serving In-Need Students In New Orleans

by MR Magazine Staff

Stirling Barrett has a vision of where he’d like his brand to be—and that entails giving back to his native city of New Orleans. The 29-year-old entrepreneur is the founder of Krewe, a luxury eyewear company that, as of last week, launched a non-profit organization aptly titled the Krewe Foundation. It aims to provide local, in-need high school students with free prescription lenses and simultaneously foster a sense of community within the Big Easy. “A big part of why Krewe was founded here was to create opportunities in New Orleans and encourage people to stay here,” Barrett explained. “It is a real bottom-up economy. We built an industry within the city, and it’s important that, as a new industry, we’re not just encouraging others to come in, but we’re also giving back. That is a lot of the reasoning behind why creating the foundation was important.” Read more at Forbes.