Brioni: Sharp Dudes In Slick Suits

by MR Magazine Staff

Mr. O’Shea comes to Brioni from a successful stint with the German luxury e-commerce site, where he goosed profits with his canny knack for understanding brand narratives. “I’ve seen a million and one shows, and I know what you need to do is create a mood and a moment in time,” Mr. O’Shea said during a preview of the show several days before its runway debut. “I want to put the value back in the Brioni label so that it stands for something more than thread.” Threads is an apt anachronism to describe the type of suits that inspired Mr. O’Shea’s vision. Born in 1979, Mr. O’Shea looked to an era of Blaxploitation flicks, sharp dudes in slick suits; their furry chests visible in the open neck of silk shirts, like the ones he wears exclusively; mohair blend jackets with modified pagoda shoulders; high-waisted trousers; clothes in a chewy-candy palette of caramel, butterscotch and toffee. Read more at The New York Times.