Bruno magli to donate to frontline healthcare workers

by Stephen Garner

Bruno Magli has launched a new philanthropic campaign to benefit healthcare workers during this unprecedented crisis.

Through May 30th, for every purchase of its Canvas Tote Bag (retail of $50), the Italian footwear and accessories brand said it will donate 100 percent of the bag’s proceeds to #FirstRespondersFirst to support frontline healthcare workers.

The brand also said it will leverage its vast network of influencers, industry contacts, and loyal friends to raise awareness for #FirstRespondersFirst.

“Donations to #FirstRespondersFirst will help provide essential supplies, equipment, accommodations, childcare, food, mental health support, and other resources; we hope the brand’s contribution and small efforts to highlight the charity’s excellent work will help to support those who need it most on the frontline at this time,” the company said in a statement.

“As a global community, we are transitioning towards a new normal,” the company continued. “When we ask ourselves what we learned from this unprecedented moment in history, we should remember to hold on to a newfound sense of caring for each other.  Let’s spare a moment to be kind, and to applaud the good deeds of others. Let’s highlight good news in the world, and also try our best to lift-up our families, friends, colleagues, and people we do not know in all ways if we can. Big or small, every little bit helps!”