by Stephen Garner

BTFL Studio has released its autumn/winter ‘20 “HWY 66” collection.

The Los Angeles-based brand, which has always looked to American history and classic American style for inspiration, found the wonder of Route 66 as its point of reference this season.

Taking a quick break from design, founder and creative director Alejandro Rodriguez found inspiration when he traveled out to Malibu to visit a friend and noticed a sign for the historic HWY 66. “Growing up it seemed like there was some dark fairy tale connected to the highway and its popular name, but the more research that I did, I realized it was the journey through the route that encapsulated a truly unique and beautiful exploration,” said Rodriguez.

He imagined the trek through the desert, the ascension and descension of the vast landscapes, and the countless amount of people one would encounter from Chicago to Santa Monica — along with a functioning wardrobe, one would need to stand up to the various elements. Rodriguez thought about what it would be like in this day and age and romanticized about the feelings that it would bring about.

This collection is rooted in traditional American workwear but made with modern detailing and present-day textiles. Cotton and nylon blends from Japan provide a sleekness, while wools, Italian suede, and hand quilting offer texture. Nods to the historic gas stations on Route 66 are presented in “mechanic” pants and shirts, with the highways Southwestern pass-through being revealed through indigo-dyed fabrics along with pristine Native American prints and embroidery.

BTFL Studio’s new “HWY 66” autumn/winter ‘20 collection is out now.