by Karen Alberg Grossman

MR recently caught up with Bugatchi’s CEO, Cecile Revah, to discuss the brand’s newest line, its DTC business, and the changes it has made since the pandemic took hold of the world.

Q: Why did you launch a separate Comfort Collection?

A: We saw the need to cater to the work-from-home modern man who wants classic pieces with a fashionable edge. Our Comfort Collection offers relaxed-fit, trans-seasonal, must-have pieces in soft-touch 100% cotton and cotton blends, easy-care fabrics with an antimicrobial finish.

Without sacrificing our commitment to premium fabrics, design details and craftsmanship, the Comfort Collection is value-priced. Suggested retails range from $68 to $150 with a 60 percent margin for the retailer; the collection launches for fall ’21.

Q: In general, what changes have you made in your merchandising, marketing, sourcing, and distribution strategies since the pandemic?

A: The pandemic with its shift to working from home has impacted everything we do. In addition to inspiring our Comfort Collection, we’ve invested in our recently-released OOOHCOTTON Tech fabric. We’re also newly focused on brand advertising.

Q: To what extent are you increasing your DTC business?

A: COVID-19 was a wake-up call for many brands. For Bugatchi, we have such powerful relationships with our wholesale accounts, but during the lockdown, these physical sales channels were forced to close.  This forced us to shift our focus online and build on our own DTC strategy. From a creative standpoint, we’re developing compelling content for existing and target consumers that is both educational and inspirational. We believe these efforts will have a positive effect on our wholesale accounts by increasing consumer awareness of Bugatchi and broadening its appeal.

Q: Are you doing trade shows (live or virtual)? How successful have they been?

A: We are present at all the shows being held. Dallas and L.A. were successful and we are pleased with the turnout, all things considered. In the Midwest, we participated in an ad hoc presentation organized jointly by sales reps. We’re also doing virtual presentations and Zoom meetings as much as possible; we send out swatch cards of the complete collection to assist our customers.

Q: Any other noteworthy innovations at the company?

A: Without hesitation, our OOOHCOTTON Tech Collection is beyond noteworthy! Bugatchi’s desire to incorporate innovative and sustainable fabrics led to the development of this revolutionary cotton-blend fabric. Its unique qualities set it apart from more traditional woven and performance textiles, bridging the gap between work and leisure. The OOOHCOTTON Tech fabric is a printed double-mercerized cotton with 8-way stretch, breathability, thermal comfort, quick-dry technology, wrinkle resistance, antimicrobial finish, and easy-care. To buy it is to sell it and reorder it.


  1. Smart move your family and team have always been in the for front of fashions since the old days of the trade shows in NYC
    Stay on top of your game and congratulations on your new vision.

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