BUM Equipment 2016 Ad
by Stephen Garner

BUM Equipment 2016 AdBUM Equipment, the well-known California lifestyle brand, has entered into an agreement to license the menswear sportswear collection to Freeze. The popular brand from the 90s relaunched with its 30th Anniversary collection late last year under the direction of Stephen Wayne, Chairman of the Board of Bum Equipment LLC.

“With Freeze we found the perfect company to license our most trusted asset the menswear piece with a roll-out of a complete line of knitted sportswear both manufactured domestically and imported,” said Wayne. “After meeting with Charlie Tebele, CEO of Freeze, late last year we came together very quickly. Their fine reputation with all the targeted retailers made the decision for me very easy. Not only are they one of the leaders in their arena but they excel in developing product for individual retailers.”

Targeting back to school for the roll-out at retail for the collection, Freeze will be ready to ship possible capsules earlier if needed, and the fall line will debut at Project in Las Vegas next week.

“The Bum Equipment brand is nostalgic,” added Tebele. “We believe the time is ripe to recapture the consumer who was a fan when the brand originally launched plus the Young Men’s demo that will gravitate toward it due to compelling graphics & styling. Retro sports brands are on trend! The initial strategy for distribution is to focus on Specialty stores that target the hip Millennials.”

Bum EquipmentIn addition to this license, Bum has signed two other long-term license agreements with private label and licensing company Stepping Stones International, under which the company will make a complete line of boys, girls, infants and toddler footwear including shoes, flip flops, and baby accessories as well as boys, girls, infants and toddler hosiery. Both licenses will complement the infants and toddlers sportswear which kicked off with Land N Sea late last fall. This brings the total number of licenses for Bum to 10 since relaunching the brand.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership,” said Jack Mehani, CEO of Stepping Stones International. “We feel this is a natural for us since we have an extensive knowledge and experience in these product categories. We are planning on launching a full collection for holiday/spring 2018 utilizing the Bum Equipment brand recognition for its heritage direction and brand reputation.”

Bum Equipment LLC owns and operates the brand throughout the world with the exception of a few countries. Bum will seek to license out the remaining categories of women’s and boy’s 8-20 and adult footwear bags and hats over the next few months as it positions itself as a viable heritage brand for retailers throughout the world.