Burberry To Stop Destroying Unsold Merchandise

by MR Magazine Staff

Burberry on Thursday said that, effective immediately, it will no longer destroy products it can’t sell, saying that it’s stepping up existing efforts to reuse, repair, donate or recycle them instead. The company may still dispose of damaged, defective or expired beauty products where recycling is not an option, according to regulatory statutes, or in “exceptional circumstances,” the company said in a press release. The upscale apparel brand also confirmed that it will no longer use real fur in its designs. Until now, Burberry’s use of fur for many years was restricted to rabbit, fox, mink and Asiatic raccoon, but those plus Angora hair are now banned at the company. In its annual report released earlier this year, Burberry had reported that “the cost of finished goods physically destroyed in the year was £28.6 million,” ($37.1 million at current conversion rates), up from last year’s £26.9 million. Read more at Retail Dive.