Business Is Booming At The World’s Most Expensive Store

by MR Magazine Staff

There is an international fraternity of men and women, some 40,000 strong, who control a vast amount of the planet’s resources and political power. This club includes Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, Jeff Bezos, five of the last six presidents of the United States, and countless titans of industry, finance, culture and sport. If an enterprising conspiracy theorist were to dig into the web that links the members of this world order, they would find that each has a connection to a squat yellow mansion dappled with ivy on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. This is the House of Bijan. Since the late 1970s, Bijan and its suits ($10,000), ties ($1,000), and exotic leather jackets (your mortgage payment) have been a secret handshake of sorts for many of the richest and most influential people on the planet. “Somebody who shops at Bijan, they’ll see their friends wearing maybe a black suit, but they’ll notice that the lining is yellow, and they know, Oh, that gentleman knows about Bijan. He’s been to Beverly Hills. He’s been to Rodeo Drive. This is a gentleman that wants the best of the best and he can afford it,” says Nicolas Bijan, the impeccably-groomed 27-year-old at the helm of the house. “It’s unintentional on our part, but there’s kind of a whole aura around Bijan that definitely plays some role in the psyche of our clients.” Read more at GQ.